Thursday, April 3, 2008

NDTV launches Hindi news portal "Khabar"

NDTV group has launched a Hindi news portal at NDTV Khabar, a mix of popular portal and NDTV sophistication, if you will. I recall the April fool spoof I did last year predicting NDTV's entry in Hindi blogging arena and it seems they did create a blogging section, though its unclean whether star Hindi bloggers Avinash and Ravish Kumar, who happen to be NDTV employees as well, will be writing there. Not practicing the high technology gyan NDTV preaches in its own tech shows the portal seems to have decided to stay in the archaic age and refrain from using Unicode on its site and add the clich├ęd "jyotish" (astrology) section. I wonder if they have heard of Google too ;)

The font "MitraOpen" is designed by Summit and the portal (probably) created by Vishwak.

NDTV Khabar was destined to be launched in January this year, following the launch of mobile portal NDTV active, but there is still no official buzz about its release though the site seems to be active since few days now.

All in all, good for Hindi on the web, but will it spell 'good times' for NDTV as well, time only will tell.


Mithilesh said...

HelloI'm very much crazy about your Hindi website.Please take this one on the heart of Indian pople.NDTV is on top what T.R.P. says it doesn't matter..

furkan said...

hindi-sure our mother tounge but rarely 1% people use it
so it does not matter wheather its hindi or english
what matters is that information you are giving is right or wrong